A New Roof Provides Protection and Improved Curb Appeal

At North Carolina Exteriors we know your home is often your biggest investment. We want to help you protect that investment and keep it looking it’s best for year to come and an updated roof can be a big part of that.

Remaking and Maintaining Your Current Roof

The majority of homes in the Raleigh area have asphalt shingles covering the roof of their home. Although fairly reliable, homeowners need to realize that dated asphalt (or bituminous) shingles tend to crack and decay over time.  At North Carolina Exteriors we specialize in inspecting, repairing and replacing your existing roof. This leads to cost savings and improved roofing protection for you and your family.

There are also many roofing options that we offer at North Carolina Exteriors.  Three Tab Shingles, a modern update on the typical asphalt shingle, are an economical and longer lasting answer for a roofing project.  They also carry a warranty for up to 30 years so our new shingle roof will be worry free.

Other options include Metal roofing and flat roofing can be installed if you want a sleek new look. Metal roofing also works well with homes that have unique or specialized roofing needs.  Another creative roofing option we have years of experience in installing is Architectural Shingles. This roofing option adds a beautiful wood-shake look to your roof with great durability.  Also, due to their thickness, these shingles tend to be more reliable during windy conditions and can carry a lifetime warranty.

No matter what your roofing need, we will be happy to talk to you further about everything we can offer.  For a free professional roof inspection in Raleigh, Cary and Durham with a repair estimate or a replacement estimate, call North Carolina Exteriors or contact us today!

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