Metal Roofing

Get Performance and Protection With A Great Looking Metal Roof

North Carolina Exteriors is proud to offer our clients in Raleigh, Durham and Cary a great roofing solution that can enhance your home’s value and overall aesthetics – Metal Roofing.  Metal roofing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s residential home improvement market and it’s easy to see why.  Metal roofing offers increased protection from the elements, energy savings and is an economical solution for your new roofing needs.

Metal RoofingWith metal roofing installed by North Carolina Exteriors, you will notice the benefits immediately.  A metal roof can last up to 20 years longer than a normal shingle roof and offers fire resistance and increased energy efficiency with its ability to keep the inside of your home cooler.  Metal roofing also has a low weight to its materials, which won’t interfere with the structural integrity of your home.  North Carolina Exteriors also offers a 40 year warranty with most metal roofing options, so rest easy knowing that your metal roof will be protected for years to come.

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